A Place of Hope and Healing

Shayna Meadows is a counseling center and a place for personal growth and transformation. Our mission is to facilitate personal growth and healing in a safe and confidential environment, employing the power of horses and nature when appropriate.  Shayna Meadows currently has 4 horses and 50 acres of natural beauty available to assist with therapy.

Shayna Meadows is a remote and beautiful place where nature and horse are close at hand, even when you are in the office. Simply arriving at such a serene setting and reconnecting with the natural world starts the healing process. By engaging in therapy activities involving horses, individuals can learn more about themselves and their emotions, and can practice new ways of being in the world. Walking through the woods rather than sitting in an office for a counseling session can relieve anxiety and develop better focus. There is also the opportunity to explore play and art in therapy to meet personal goals.

Shayna Meadows offers traditional counseling as well as equine-assisted and nature based therapies. We provide individual, family or group therapy for children and adults looking for help with issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, substance abuse, PTSD and ADHD. Play and art therapies may also have a role in a client’s treatment.

Lynette Otto is a Licensed Professional Counselor with specific training in equine-assisted therapy. She has experience helping clients with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, PTSD, and grief as well as behavioral troubles in children. She enjoys working with children and adults and helping people find the keys to using their personal strengths to meet their goals and find a better, more fulfilling life for themselves. As a lifelong outdoorsperson and horseperson, she understands and has always been drawn to the power of the natural world and specifically of horses to inspire and heal, and connect us with our best selves. Lynette also enjoys incorporating art, play and story-telling in the therapeutic process.