Meet the Herd


Learn more about each of the horses in our herd at Shayna Meadows and their distinct personalities. Depending on your own goals and the type of session, you may work with one or more of these wonderful animals.


DancerDancer is a foundational character at Shayna Meadows. He is the son of Shayna, Lynette’s first horse and for whom the farm and therapy center is named. At 26 years old, this thoroughbred/quarter horse cross is the oldest member of the herd and is always entertaining us with his big personality. Dancer sustained an injury early in life so his gaits are awkward and slow but he doesn’t let that stop him from engaging in whatever interests him.


McCullough is a 8 year old American Mustang who was born in the wild in the McCullough Peaks wild Horse Range in northern Wyoming where she lived until she and many of her herd were rounded up when she was 5 months old. Lynette adopted her as a yearling. McCullough is a strong and confident mare who always believes in herself. She is curious about everything and loves exploring.




Cinco is a 7 year old thoroughbred whose first career was racing, but he decided he didn’t like that work very well. His main job now is to be a dressage horse but he is often involved in therapy sessions. He is the youngest member of the herd and is eager to learn and meet new people. He enjoys running and playing.




Al, which is short for his show name Grand Finale, is the biggest horse in the herd. Al was a show horse for most of his life but at the age of 26 he is now “retired” into his new career as a therapy horse. Al is a gentle giant who can provide powerful feedback for clients.




DustyLeftDusty is the newest member of the herd and adds a splash of bright color. We aren’t sure how old Dusty is but probably around 12 or 13. He has a quiet personality but can be enticed to play if he feels safe enough to be silly.