Over, Under, or Through!

It’s a phrase I remember hearing when I was a kid learning how to ride, and in particular, jump horses. My frustrated instructor would shout this at me when I had been unable to get the horse I was riding to go over a jump. Maybe he was running around it (called “running out”) or stopping in front of it (called “refusing”) but either way we weren’t getting to the other side. My instructor was not using this phrase literally of course but in hopes of increasing my intention and commitment to get to the other side of the jump. She knew my horse would be able to feel that. Horses, like people, are inherently lazy, and have a keen sense of self protection so they will generally pick what they see as the easiest and safest answer to a rider’s request. If the rider is hesitant or lacks confidence, the horse may feel it’s not safe or that maybe the rider doesn’t really want to go over that jump. When a rider’s body language reflects clear intention and says, “It’s ok, we’ve got this!”, the horse will feel safer and be more motivated to get over that jump.

The same idea can work for us when we face obstacles in our lives, things we lack the confidence to go over. If we approach these obstacles with fear and self doubt, it’s not likely we will get over them. Sometimes we have to stop overthinking, stop looking so hard and closely at the actual obstacle and look beyond it to the other side where we want to go. We need to increase our commitment and intention. We need to tell ourselves “Over, Under or Through…let’s go for it!”

What are you running out on or refusing in front of in your life that you know you somehow have to get over? Maybe it’s a difficult conversation with a family member or coworker, maybe its finishing that application for college, maybe it’s asking for help to deal with addiction. Challenge yourself to get to the other side….Over, Under, or Through. Think of the sense of accomplishment you will feel after you make it over that jump!

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