What’s Beneath the Surface

This time of year, it feels like winter is going to last forever. Even though we have had some warm weather recently, the sky is gray and the earth brown and we are longing for blue sky and green grass. One of the things that gives me hope that spring and brighter days are coming is the knowledge that the horses are now growing their summer coats. I think about it now every time I brush one of these dusty thick-haired horses. Oh, I can’t see it yet but I know it’s happening. My evidence is that their winter coats are just starting to shed and because the science tells me this is true. Once the winter solstice has past, horses start growing the summer coat so it will be ready for the warm weather, just like they start growing their winter coats after the summer solstice. I can’t find that summer coat yet even if I dig my fingers in their thick hair, but I have faith that those sleek beautiful summer coats are in the works.

That’s the way it is sometimes when we are in a dark place, we can’t see anything new and beautiful growing even if we dig in and look really hard. Sometimes we just have to keep taking deep breaths, put one foot in front of the other, and wait for the beauty to emerge. Our evidence that this can happen may be in our supportive relationships and our internal strengths. We may need to practice a lot of faith and know that time helps with the healing of deep wounds. Sometimes things are working and growing beneath the surface and when the time is right, they appear.