A Simple Idea?

“She went forward when I looked forward.” This is what the client said when McCullough had come to a stop during their “journey” to the client’s better life and then the client looked ahead rather than at the horse, and McCullough continued forward on the journey. The client thought about the significance of this idea: looking forward to go forward. It seems like a simple concept but, just as McCullough got distracted by something in her surroundings, how often we get distracted by some strong stimuli in our environment. It might be an argument with a family member, or not getting the promotion or wondering where the money for the car repair will come from. These are not insignificant issues but it’s easy to assign them more power over your journey than they need to have; it’s easy to look your focus on where you want to go and stop looking forward. Take it from McCullough…it works better to look in the direction that you want to go.