Pasture Grass

I find the tall grasses in the pasture waving in the breeze sort of like the waves in the ocean. It’s therapeutic. It has a rhythm that feels constant, even though it changes. It is like that now in the back pasture of Shayna Meadows. The grass is up to my waist almost even though the six cows brought in 3 weeks ago have been steadily munching. I normally think of putting the horses back here in early June but this year, there is still too much grass for the equines so the bovines get another week by themselves. Right now, you can walk there and be part of the waving sea of grass. You can hear several species of birds and how the wind sounds different when it hits the pine trees compared to when it hits the maples. Being in this kind of environment makes it easy to be quiet and mindful, with so much to feast the senses on. It’s good to practice in these kinds of places so that we can get good enough at it to be mindful in the harder places, like stressful family times or difficult work situations. We need these “time out” places to remind our brains that thinking a million miles an hour is not always necessary or desirable. Taking mindfulness breaks leads to more clarity and contentment…I hope you find yours today.