I know that spring must be coming because the snow has melted, the birds are starting to sing, and even more obvious, the horses are starting the shed their winter coats. There is mud, and hair, everywhere around the barn. But this morning it was 10 degrees. That’s not spring! And while I am super anxious for flowers and green grass and warmer weather, spring is also supposed to usher in the full opening of Shayna Meadows.…and I am still looking at an unfinished office and arena. The bits of sunshine that appears every now and again help me keep the faith that spring will really come, but when I look at the vast amounts of mud preventing us from finishing the building and causing vehicles to get stuck in the parking lot, it is discouraging and hard to imagine a counseling business here. I recall one of my favorite sayings…”There is nothing about a caterpillar that suggests it will become a butterfly.” Isn’t that the way with any big idea, any big change? We often have trouble seeing what can be when what is is in the way. Its hard work to believe, or to keep believing, that big things are possible. Horses seem to have a way of opening us up to those possibilities. Because they are large creatures, they invite us to expand to our full potential. When spring really gets here, they will be ready to show you how!