Letting Go

Let go of what doesn’t serve you.  Several weeks ago, during a yoga session with the amazing Joanna Yates, I was struggling with some crazy hard pose she asked us to do, and I heard her say “Let go of what doesn’t serve you at this moment.” Now, I have heard this phrase before, but like many things we hear again, it struck me in a new and different way this time. Previously I think I thought, “Yea, that’s good but it sounds like it’s all about me and I want to be about loving others; serving me is not my focus.” But for whatever reason, what I heard this time was an invitation to be the best version of myself and the me that I want to be to best serve the world. Why had I not thought of that before? Letting go is a powerful therapeutic concept. As people, we tend to hold on too tightly sometimes. We develop a perceived need for things—feelings, people, relationships, ideas—and we forget to question whether we really want them in our lives at this time, or whether they are truly beneficial. This is why Joanna’s statement was powerful…it reminded me to question what I’m hanging on to and see if letting go serves me better so I can be a more effective light in the world. IMG_1760