Christmas Gratitude

My ideas for this post seem more in line with Thanksgiving so maybe I am late but since being grateful is always a good thing, I will go with it. Gratitude is a concept that is discussed quite often here in therapy sessions. Focusing on what we are grateful for doesn’t change or eliminate the difficult things in our lives, but it can change our brain and how creatively and positively it processes those difficult things. I have been thinking about all the things I am grateful for at Shayna Meadows as Christmas approaches. I get to spend pretty much all day around the horses and the dogs. I get to walk several miles a day as I work. I often get to walk out to feed horses under a beautiful moon either before dawn or after dusk. I get to see change and growth in clients. I get to experience clients saying things like “I don’t think I need another appointment because I am doing so much better!” I also have been fortunate to find a great part time employee who has about the best work ethic I have ever seen. I love the horses, the clients, this place…and I love the work I get to do.  This is the grateful spirit I am taking with me into the holidays and the new year. I hope that makes me a more positive force in the world around me.


Happy holidays everyone!