Open House!

On October 24th, we at Shayna Meadows are having our first open house. We want people to see the place first hand, even if they are just curious about the new, big building. We want people to meet the horses and get just a taste of their therapeutic power. We want people to come out here and take a deep breath and fill their lungs with the smells of horses and fall leaves and sweet hay.

It is a busy time, getting ready for this first-time event. I want to be sure to personally invite folks in the community who have been supportive of our venture and it’s hard to be here seeing clients and running around passing out invitations. It’s a time too, for me to remember that working too hard and becoming frantic rarely makes my work better. Fortunately, I have friends to remind me of this. The horses, too, remind me about being present and mindful. I’ve been taking a lot of deep breaths.

I am finding myself excited about the possibilities of the open house and of the fall season in general!IMG_1018